Sappada Dolomites outdoor valley
Experience a stay in the nature in the mountains of the Dolomites. Your vacation in Sappada will be active and fun, during which you can experience so many sports in close contact with its surroundings, wonderful both in summer and winter.
Alpine Skiing
With alpine skiing, you can immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere, allowing you to stay in close contact with nature. You will reach the summit of the snow-covered slopes, almost touching the sky, then slipping on the snow, for an amazing experience.
Nordic skiing
Since always, the atmosphere in Sappada has been competitive, able to produce over time real and true champions: from Silvio Fauner to Peter Piller, and Marina Piller and Lisa Vittozzi… have fun you too, trying Nordic skiing in this land of medals
Nordic Walking
A sport for everyone, where you can choose the most suitable type of route for you: breathe the scents of the forest and be enchanted by the power of a magical walk with special poles, to train every part of your body.
From hiking to climbing routes
This area will give you countless opportunities for excursions, designed for all levels, from the easiest to the most difficult trails and climbing routes for the most experienced, who here can enter in close contact with postcard natural environments, in a unique setting.
Ice climbing
The geographical location and conformation favoured Sappada for climbing on waterfalls. From longer ones to shorter ones, from difficult flows to the ones for beginners, from pure ice to mixed ice: anyone can find their size in Sappada.
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