Welcome to our life,
where everything is made with love and
in harmony with nature!

Silvia, Massimiliano, Sofia and Teresa Stoffie
You will not want to go home!
Let yourself be transported into a magical world.
The history of Alpin Park is the history of a
The Sappada Alpin Park Campsite is a campground built entirely by hand, using 100-years-old techniques. A structure that has come to life from a dream, the dream of living in the countryside, in close contact with the wonders that it gives us and which surround us every day.

How long has it been since you lied on the grass face up to admire the starry sky? Here you can finally do it in a familiar, sharing and hospitable place. Welcome to our life…
...And we do not stop dreaming!
So many projects...
Every day we see the deer from the window of the house, we go out the door to play in the woods with our children and the birds are our wake up in the morning. Our guests share our garden and sunbathe at the river!
We shop in the dairy, we take the herbs of the lawn and we use the products that the earth offers us every season with respect. We carefully choose what to put on the table, what to offer our guests, even the little ones, the quality of small shops that we choose for our family.
We climb on the trees in our Adventure Park and would recommend it to guests to stimulate the children to overcome their limitations and the adults to test their courage. We practice mountaineering, finding new energy from being in the heights and we work with wood from our forests, which is a source of creative inspiration, linked to the mountain culture and which lives on in our buildings, filling with its fragrance every space!

Come and discover our campsite in the Dolomites in Belluno for your mountain vacation and you will find yourself in an enchanted world, where time stands still! The Alpinpark is our project, our proposal:
an Adventure resort for the entire family. For an active vacation at our great adventure park for adults and children, a stay in our Bio-campsite or in our pitches and a gourmet proposal in our warm cabin. 
NEWS 2017
Expansion project to be realized in spring 2017: new front desk, sky room and bike service and Himalayan Suite
"The future belongs to
those who believe in the
beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt


  • Cross-country trail that passes in our park
  • Exciting snowmobile tour
  • Snowshoe excursions
  • Guided tours in the Alps and in the woods
  • Alpine skiing
  • Ski lifts
  • Discovering Nevelandia, the amusement park on snow among the largest in Italy, just 2 km from us, with free shuttle service



  • Walking Tours in the woods and along the river of different difficulties with mountain guides
  • MTB through the most famous Dolomite itineraries for the whole family
  • Fun for all ages in our Adventure Park Sappada, the amusement park in the trees, with 50 platforms of different difficulties
  • Horseback riding
  • Nordic Walking in collaboration with the school
  • Special agreement with golf course

We are located here!
Borgata Cima, 133 - 32047 Sappada (Bl)
Tel. +39 340 6353354 E-mail: info@alpinpark.it
Privacy Policy - P.Iva 01079250252

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